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You hurt my Facebook feelings

This question stumbled in from someone irritated by my message last week that was critical of Facebook.

Yes, I dared to criticize the Facebook — and from some responses you’d think I insulted a religion (perhaps that what it is to some people…)

“Tom, if Facebook is such a waste of time, why are so many people using it, and why do so many others teach people how to use it to make money?”

Well, guess you proved me wrong…


Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it is profitable.

Traffic isn’t everything.

Restaurants fail even if they are on busy intersections with plenty of traffic.

You do have to actually offer something people want in order to be successful. Location alone simply isn’t enough.

And just because people teach something doesn’t mean that it actually works.

Just look at colleges and universities — they teach ‘something’ but that’s no guarantee you’ll get a job using any of it.

Happens all the time and is what students (and their parents) worry about constantly.

But it doesn’t stop the masses from following along anyway.

You can’t stop people from being sheep.


And in the specialty education world (like business and real estate training) there is a lot of empty hype and charlatans as well.

They teach something they think people WANT, even if it isn’t what people really NEED.

When you recognize this you’ll see what’s really happening.

And that’s what I see with Facebook.

Perhaps that’s why the only people I see making money using Facebook are the people who teach about using Facebook.

It’s always the teachers selling courses about using Facebook who are making money, BUT NOT the students doing what they’ve been taught.


Because with Facebook and other social media each new “friend” feels like you’re building towards something, so you think you are making “progress”.

But what good are a bunch of followers going to do if you don’t have a system to lead them through?

Or if you don’t have an end result to sell them?


It’s all empty.

And has no financial return.

But since it is “progress” that you and see and can measure, people fall for it.

And that’s why there are people teaching it.

Because it is immediately do-able.

Even if that road just dead-ends and is pointless.

Think about that for a minute.



Now go and do something productive that produces something valuable.

That’s how you make money.

Wanna learn how to be valuable, productive, and profitable flipping real estate?

Make your connection here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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