Why content is more important than length

Let me tell you a story from my college daze…

I had a political science professor that I really liked.

His lectures were interesting.

Gritty and full of intriguing stories.

He had lots of real-world experience consulting for some un-named ‘secret’
organizations in Washington DC.

And he thought that it was important for us to learn how to think and write
in a clear and concise manner like these organizations would want us to.

So rather than just teaching us to be long winded (like so many other professors),
he required all our papers to be no more than 5 pages long.

I liked that.

A lot!

If you can say it succulently in 5 pages, why should you drag it out to 25?

That just fills it with useless babble.

Not standard for college papers, but he wasn’t the standard type of professor.

Obviously I took every class he had to offer.

And it’s a lesson I’ve never forgotten:

“Content is more important than length.”

And that’s the principle I follow with my Rapid Cash Generator MasterClass.

It’s about the clarity, focus, and digestibility of the content taught throughout the 1-day training intensive, not the sheer number of topics covered. (I focus in on the 5 major elements needed – use the link below for more details on each.)

Because over the years that I’ve been coaching people, I’ve noticed that if you pile
too much on at once people shut down. They don’t consume and absorb all the
information. And then nothing happens. No forward progress.

And that defeats the purpose.

So the key is to not overwhelm.

Stay lean and mean.

Teach in bite-sized and easily-digestible chucks.

Then people actually get more done and move ahead faster.



But it works.

And that’s all I care about.

The next MasterClass happens this Saturday Sept 10th, so get in while you still can:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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