If you don’t need my money, why charge for your events?

I was asked:
“If you don’t need my money, then why do you charge for your events?”

My answer…

Because I should.

Because they are valuable.

And when something has value, it should be paid for.

After all, I’m a capitalist, not a communist.

Free gets people nowhere.

(and neither does communism.)

Having to decide to spend on something means you are making a conscious investment.

An investment in yourself.

Your family.

Your future.

If you don’t pay-to-play, you never will take action either.

(Yes, there are rare exceptions, but those are the exceptions. Not the rule.)

Education has value.

Therefore it should be paid for.

If you want free, keep scouring the internet.

And good luck figuring it all out on your own.

There is so much *information* out there it has become effectively worthless.

Therefore what has value is *intelligence* — knowledge with a purpose and direction defined for it.

That’s what is really valuable these days.

That’s what I provide in my courses, bootcamps and MasterClass.

That’s why they are worth paying for.

Don’t have the money, you say?

I doubt it.

Or is it really that you don’t want to find the money for *this*?

You do spend money to keep the lights on and a roof over your head — because you make a conscious decision to do so.

So it’s really a question of values, NOT of not having the money.

It’s a choice to remain in your constant routine rather than to do something “uncomfortable” to break out of your routine and get somewhere else.

So make a conscious decision to spend the money on a smart education for you and your budding entrepreneurial real estate pursuits.

Spending a bit now means you could have much more later.

You have to decide that you are worth it.

And that it is worth investing in yourself.

Otherwise you’ll just keep spinning your wheels and stay stuck where you currently are.

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Tom Zeeb
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