Why buy apartments or multi-units?

Why not take the same time, energy and money that you’re putting into buying a one unit property and buy a 10 unit property?

A 20 unit property?

A 50+ unit property?

Anthony Chara made the switch from SFH’s to Multi-Family in 2004 when he received this same advice from one of his mentors.

Now, with over 1600 apartment units and counting, and a total asset value well in excess of $42MM ranging from 14 units in Oklahoma to 410 units in Indianapolis, Anthony has the experience to teach you how to buy both small and large apartment complexes to increase your wealth substantially.

Anthony’s motto is “Why buy 1 when you can buy 10!”

Don’t get him wrong, he’s not suggesting that investors stop buying Single Family Houses, he just wants to provide them with another tool for their toolbox to help fill in some of the valleys that many investors experience in between finding their ‘next’ SFH investment.

Join us for Anthony Chara’s 2 Traction REIA events this week.

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“Growing your Wealth with Apartment Buildings & Multi-Units!”
Thursday June 28th.
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Saturday June 30th
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This is your chance to learn how to set yourself free by owning apartment buildings.

See you there!

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