Whatcha gonna do when Google comes for you?

Industries get disrupted.

Google has made giant strides in everything and crushed many local and traditional businesses right out of existence.

But that’s life.

New businesses come along and start to… Dominate.

New technologies get developed and cause the old way of doing things to be destroyed.

I’m okay with that, as it is what naturally happens, and should happen, in a capitalist market.

Things change.

And people and businesses need to change too.

Or they wither on the vine clinging to old ideas.

A slow and unattractive death.

It’ll happen to Google someday too. After all, it wasn’t that long ago people were worried about Microsoft hegemony and they were fighting major anti-trust suits. Now they’re still a player, but certainly not the only one, nor nearly the hottest one on the landscape.

For real estate investors, we’re safe right now.

There isn’t anything on the horizon that will come along and crush the basic human need for shelter.

Yet there are still various swings in the market.

Swings you do need to pay attention to,

And then roll with the punches.

So as long as you have a solid basis of the fundamentals of business, you can adapt to the changing times and new technologies and offerings.

But unfortunately an understanding of basic business principles is exactly what is lacking with so many people today.

(Guess they just don’t teach it in schools.)

Which is why I spend a lot of time teaching my mentoring students the foundational aspects of how to build a business right.

It isn’t all about real estate.

There are many skills that are basic to ALL businesses.

And those are the skills that you need to know to succeed.

In any business venture.

Because you are building a real business, not just a hobby.

(Your business then allows you to pursue your hobbies.)

Ready to stop wasting time on the random free info from the internet?

Ready to stop spinning your wheels in frustration?

Ready to finally get traction and start making some serious coin?

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Tom Zeeb
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