What Sophia Vergarra & I have in common

Well, it clearly isn’t that. (Or should I say “those”…)

What we have in common is that we are both from Colombia.

No, not the District of Columbia.

The country of Colombia.

(Spelled with two “O”, not with a “U”)

Now I know everyone has certain misconceptions about my homeland.

So it’s time to clear them up!

We don’t eat spicy food. That’s Mexico. Our food is mild.

1. We speak Spanish. Not “Colombian” as many people seem to ask me.

2. Yes, Pablo Escobar was a famous Colombian drug lord and his reputation persists. But we’re not all drug dealers. And people always bring him up whenever I tell someone where I’m from. It isn’t really amusing or original. Surely there are wittier things to say? This one’s gotten old.

3. It isn’t hot down there. I’m from Bogota which has a cool climate since we’re 8,600 feet on top of a mountain. The cities on the coast are hot. And we have everything in-between too.

4. We are not all like Juan Valdez, the icon of our coffee. We don’t all wear ponchos and carry coffee beans down from the mountains.

5. Beauty Pageants are an obsession. We like to be pretty and compete. We usually place in the Top 10 at the Miss Universe pageant. Game on!

Misconceptions like these are everywhere.

They exist in the real estate business too.


Because people don’t really understand fully if they’re just looking in from the outside.

So people fall for the common misconceptions about real estate investing rather than finding out the facts.

For example:

Misconception #1:
— You need a lot of money to get started. (You don’t. You just need to invest in marketing.)

Misconception #2:
— You have to be a licensed agent to do real estate deals. (You don’t. As long as you are the main party on the contract.)

Misconception #3:
— You need a university education to build a real estate business. (You don’t. You just need to learn a proven system and then implement it and follow through relentlessly.)

Misconception #4:
— You need a lot of free time to invest. (You don’t. If you can carve out just a few hours a week you can get started nicely. Simply quit watching TV or stay up an extra 30 minutes a couple nights a week. If it is truly worth it to you to succeed and have freedom, then you’ll make the time.)

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