A room without a roof

I’m amazed how many people SETTLE for a room without a roof.

4 walls simply isn’t enough.

Having a roof over your head is important too.


* Because sometimes it rains.
* Because sometimes it pours.
* Because sometimes lightening will strike.

(Yes, this is actually a metaphor for your real estate business.)

Face it.

Things can and do go wrong.

* Sellers flake out
* Buyers lose funding (or turn out not to actually have the cash)
* Attorneys screw up
* Comps get messed up
* Repairs are more than expected
* Money lenders dry up
* Contractors con you
And the list goes on and on…

How do you protect yourself?

Here’s the plan:
1. Know the process inside out.
2. Build a solid 4 walls AND roof to protect you.
3. Learn what can and does go wrong so that you can CONTROL for it.
4. Carefully watch, manage, and control all the players and all the moving parts until you get that check in your hot little hands and into your back account.

Easier said than done?


(Just like everything in life.)

So spend some time getting prepped, edu-ma-cated, and trained in how to juggle all these moving parts.

Then you’ll be ready to do deals with whatever life and business throw at you as you’ll have a solid 4 walls AND a roof to protect you.

Don’t worry.

I’ll help you and make it super simple.

All at my 3-day Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp next week.

Don’t waste more time, make NOW your time:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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– Dominic Mason

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