Monthly Association of Winners (Losers stay home)

There are many ways of categorizing people.

Especially when it comes to success or failure.

Thinking through what I see at my Traction REIA meetings each month, here’s what I’ve noticed:

Losers whine about the weather.
Winners get to the meeting.

Losers complain about the traffic.
Winners get to the meeting (using side-streets if necessary).

Losers worry about missing a game or another Kardashians episode.
Winners get to the meeting.

Losers hesitate to attend because they’re not sure about the topic.
Winners know they’ll get a valuable idea just from being mentally in “the zone”.

Losers say “I’m not that interested in this month’s topic.”
Winners say “It’s not only about this month’s topic, it’s also about the market update, success stories, deals being offered, and the massive networking.”

Losers fret that there are so many choices out there.
Winners pick the best and commit to it.

Losers say “I’m too busy tonight.”
Winners say “Traction REIA only happens once a month and I need to be there.”

Losers think “I don’t need any additional motivation right now.”
Winners remember what the legendary Zig Ziglar said: “Motivation is like bathing and eating, you need to do it at least once per day!”

Losers think “I’ll maybe make the meetings if I can.”
Winners think “Traction REIA is mission-critical to my success. I’ll be there no matter what.”


The choice is yours…

Winner or loser?

Profit handsomely, or miss the boat?

Be in the game, or stay stuck on the sidelines?

The choice is yours.

See you tonight champ.

Full details & RSVP:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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