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First day of school tears?

Last Monday was our son Tommy’s very first day of school.

We were both very nervous and excited. I didn’t sleep the night before and Tommy woke up at 5am to tell me he was scared and was worried he was going to miss me too much.

When we made it to his classroom his Pre-K teacher greeted us with a smile and told Tommy exactly what he needed to do, where to put his backpack and lunch box, and where to sit.

He immediately relaxed, sat in his assigned seat and starting coloring as instructed. It helped that he saw the other kids doing the exact same thing.

I gave him a big kiss and hug and told him I loved him and that I’ll be right outside when school was over.

He smiled back and said “Bye Mommy, I got it”.

Surprisingly he didn’t cry. (And surprisingly neither did I.)

I was excited, happy and very emotional but didn’t want to cry. I was proud of him and I just wanted to show him how happy I truly was.

It reminded me of how I felt when I did my first real estate deal.

I was so nervous, confused and anxious about trying to get my first deal.

I ran a newspaper ad in one of the Latino Newspapers and waited for the phone to ring.

The first call was nerve racking but I made it through.

But it took 23 more calls until the right motivated seller called and the numbers actually made sense.

Now I was nervous and scared again as I was actually going to meet the seller and inspect a property.

My legs were shaking.

My voice was shaking.

My insides were shaking.

But I left the house with a signed contract!

Then I had to find a buyer for the property. After a few nerve-racking calls to other investors, I found my buyer.

A few weeks later we made it to the settlement table and I closed my first deal.

I was scared of the entire process, but the only reason I made it through and did not make major mistakes, is because I had a mentor holding my hand each step of the process.

Just like Tommy’s teacher, my mentor was the reason I didn’t end up crying.

My mentor pushed me to overcome my fears and to just deal with them.

My mentor was the reason I succeeded.

That’s the value of having a mentor.

Scared about actually doing your first deal?

I understand.

Let us show you the way so you won’t cry.

Go here:

Carolina Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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