Trainspotting’s Sick Boy Marketing

Remember the movie “Trainspotting”?

(It’s a British flick, so I suppose I should call it a “film”…)

Few people on this side of the Pond understood what the title meant.

I was living in England when it came out and my mates there found it amusing that the Yank didn’t get the subtlety of the title’s meaning.

Call me crazy, but why call a movie about heroin addicts “Trainspotting”?

The answer is quite simple actually.

If you are out trainspotting (which some people actually do as a hobby!) you spend all day building a list of trains that you saw pass you by.


For some people at least.

But so what?

It doesn’t do you a darn bit of good in the end.

Because you have nothing.

Nothing of value.

Just an inconsequential list of trains that passed you by that day.

The movie was drawing the contrast to drug use.

You get high and trip out, but there’s no lasting value in the end. You simply haven’t done anything valuable or produced anything worthwhile.

It’s empty.

And meaningless.

I think it’s largely the same with social media these days.

You have a big list of “friends”, but so what?

What good does that really do you?

Does it magically produce sales or increased business?

Do more followers or friends equate to a stronger bottom line for your business?


Because it isn’t enough on its own.

You still need to have a process. A way of moving them towards a goal.

Like having something to sell them.

But if your business is flipping houses, does it really work?

Does anyone go on Facebook to look for a way to sell their property quickly?

Or do they just go there to kill some time, look at photos of people’s kittens and dogs, and read the endless litany of random quotes that people post and repost?

Social media may have its place, but it doesn’t REPLACE traditional marketing.

If you don’t get the marketing right, then your real estate business will never get rolling.

To go at full steam, you need to have a system for finding motivated seller leads and converting them into real estate deals.

A system that goes where the motivated sellers actually are, and conveys a message that they actually connect with. (And you’ll need more than 140 characters to make that happen.)

When you get that right, you’ll have a list of potential real estate deals on your hands, rather than a list of worthless nothings.

Sorry Sick Boy, but that’s just the way it rolls.

The thrill of being in business for yourself is far better than the high from any drug.

Try it.

And then you’ll be hooked.

Ready to make it happen?

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Tom Zeeb
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