The Spectre of Defeat

I like the title of the new James Bond movie.


Brings back great moments of the early Bond films.

Like when Bond chides his adversary Largo by saying:
“I thought I saw the spectre of defeat over your shoulder.”

Face it, he could have been talking about many people in real life.


Because many people walk around with a defeatist attitude.

Like the deck of life is stacked against them.

Like they’ll never win.

Like they are born losers.


You’re only a loser if you make yourself one.

And you only stay a loser if you don’t get back up again and keep going.

If you keep at it steadfastly, put up with all the roadblocks and setbacks that’ll occur, and follow a proven system to get through it all, then you will get to the finish line of success.

You just have to defeat that spectre over your shoulder.

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Tom Zeeb
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