The Man Message

I’m gonna talk to the boys for a minute.

It’s with alarming frequency lately that I keep having conversations with other men about how they feel like they have died inside.

They act like zombies.

The excitement and stamina of their younger days has atrophied.

Their spirit has been crushed.

What’s happened?

I know the answer.

You’re stuck in a “safe” routine and no longer in pursuit of something worth obtaining.

It’s an odd double-edged sword.

We want (and need) to provide for our families, to be strong, and to chase our goals until we finally capture and achieve them.

But then…?

Then we stagnate.

The “safe & secure” career, the mortgage, the routines, and having all our ducks in a row does something to us.

It actually kills us a bit.

Without the chase, without the goals, without the mission…

Part of us atrophies.

Just dies.

And we’re left coasting.

Without a clear destination or focused mission.

That’s when the trouble starts.


Men like to fix things.

And to have things to fix.

It’s about results, yes.

But it’s also about the *process* of getting those results.

It’s something deeply satisfying for us to confront a problem head-on, tinker around with it until we finally get it right, and then smile with satisfaction at having tackled the issue at hand.

And when that goes away from your everyday life, you suffer inside.

You may not have known why.

You probably couldn’t quite put into words what’s bothered you.

But now it is starting to make sense.

The good news?

It’s never too late to recapture the best elements of being a man.

The call for new adventures has to be answered.

And building a real estate investing business will provide you with a clear path to success, ongoing sales and marketing challenges to overcome, and the awesome satisfaction of having put together, taken down, and closed a great deal.

It will re-ignite you like nothing else.

Get you clearly focused.

Keep you fresh & young at heart.

And it’ll make you lots of the green stuff in the process.

All you have to do is…

Man up.

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Tom Zeeb
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