The King’s Real Estate Speech

Have you seen the movie “The King’s Speech”?

It’s about a rather unconventional speech therapist who helps King George VI with his stammering problem.

(That means a “stuttering” problem for us Yanks.)

Lionel Logue is the therapist.

Lionel is not a real doctor and he’s not licensed.

But his system works.

In one scene, the King confronts him about not being a licensed doctor or having any formal qualifications.

Lionel simply states that he never claimed to be a licensed doctor.

He only ever said that his systems and his methods work.

And they do.

He started because he had success helping shell-shocked Australian soldiers returning from the First World War.

Then he just continued to help people because his methods worked and were successful.

And isn’t that what REALLY matters?

Many times people put too much value into a license.

Especially in real estate.

Yes, it is handy to have.

You can run comps on your own.

And have easy access to marketing data.

But you can easily succeed without it too.

And you’ll be perfectly compliant with the law (As you always should be).

So remember that the choice is yours.

Get your license if you think it will help you.

But either way, start taking action today, because that’s what will move you towards success.

So yes, there are different ways of doing things.

I prefer my ways because they’ve worked great for me.

So that’s what I teach.

I teach what I know and what I actually do.

Not empty theory.

Not fluff.

Only what works.

Ready to take training fit for a king?

Don your crown here:

Tom Zeeb
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– Dominic Mason

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