The Guru Archipelago

Yes, this will be another one of those messages where I treat you like you actually have a brain, unlike most marketers out there that insist you should be spoken to as if you’re stupid.

The Guru Archipelago is my twist on the name of a book by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn called “The Gulag Archipelago”.

You probably haven’t read it, but it is powerful.

(And oddly timely these days.)

It’s relevant to us as real estate investors who invest in business training because the way most so-called gurus setup their courses is like an archipelago — a vast string of islands that are scattered throughout, secret, apparently disconnected, and you can’t see the pattern and figure it all out, therefore you get lost in the system and cannot escape.

Which is what Solzhenitsyn was comparing the system of Soviet labor prison camps to — an endless string of interconnected islands that no one can figure out from the outside.

Ever felt that way?

Stuck in someone’s system.

Lost in someone’s system.

Helpless because of it.

I get it.

I’ve been there.

It’s easy to get sucked in. Because you want what is promised.

But once in, it isn’t so easy to get out.

* Non-stop upsells.
* Hard sell techniques
* Pressure to raise card limits
* One more thing you need to have to advance.
* The necessity of next missing piece.
* And so on and so forth endlessly…

And the promised reward doesn’t materialize as you’ll probably run out of funds to keep going.

I’ve been there too.

Then I escaped.

But rather than be bitter about the experience, I decided to fix it my way.

That’s why I loaded my system with everything I wish I would have had when I tried to get started, and I sell it only as a one-time fee.

If I would have had this, I could have avoided so many painful — and costly — mistakes.

Mistakes that knocked me down, and almost kept me down.

That’s why every time a student of mine comments about how surprised they are that my system and training are complete and don’t leave anything out, I smile for two reasons.

The first is obvious when one receives a compliment.

The other is because I know my rebellion against the Guru Archipelago is working.

One person at a time.

Break free and escape the Guru Archipelago here:
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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors


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“I started implementing exactly what you said, used your contract, & signed the deal up!”
– Dominic Mason

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