The girls liked it better

Let me tell you a story.

Never one to shirk from controversy, I’m used to getting a fair bit of strong responses to my emails.

Especially with subject lines and themes like I used yesterday — “Talk Dirty to Me, Tom”
( )

So it isn’t surprising that people do take the time to respond, nor I’m surprised with what they say when they respond.

But every now and then something unexpected occurs.

Yesterday’s message really *connected* with the women out there.

I figured the guys would like it.

(Hey, most guys think that way to a degree.)

But women usually put up a better front.

Not yesterday.

I had multiple women tell me they really enjoyed the message.

And the only people who actually complained were men.

Go figure.

Sometimes things happen differently than you’d expect.

People respond differently than one would assume.

You just never know until you try.

Best not to pre-judge anything.

That goes for making offers on properties too.

I’ve always told my students to just make the low-ball offers to sellers.

Don’t try to out-think it first.

After all, you aren’t the one in their shoes.

The motivated seller will make their own decision, and it may not be the one you would make.

You don’t really know how they will respond UNTIL YOU ASK.

So don’t pre-judge, just make the low offer and see what happens.

Because you just never know.

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