The disastrous flaw in the popular book “The 4 Hour Workweek”

“The 4 Hour Workweek” has been a very popular book for a few years now.

Have you read it?

It’s about being efficient and effective in your work, whether you work a J.O.B. or have your own business.

It encourages you to get systemized so that you can spend more time living your life the way you choose, rather than having your work be all-consuming and overwhelming.

That is indeed a worthy goal.

And it’s particularly important if you are looking to achieve “The Real Estate Lifestyle”.

But there is a disastrous flaw in this popular book that I think is more harmful than helpful.

More on this later…

So what exactly is “The Real Estate Lifestyle”?

The Real Estate Lifestyle means that you choose to do just a handful of successful and highly profitable deals every year and these deals produce many times more profit than you would be making in a regular 9-to-5 job.

You then choose whatever you want to do with your life, all your free time, and all your profits.

And the sky is the limit!

Think about that for a minute…

Rather than pound away for 40+ hours each and every week at a soul-crushing job that isn’t truly fulfilling and maybe getting a whopping two weeks off if you’re lucky, you can instead choose to pursue The Real Estate Lifestyle and bring in as much in just one deal as you get paid in an entire year.

I’ve made this exact transition.

So has my wife.

And so have many of our mentoring students.

How did we all do it?

I’m going to teach you my secrets in the Automated Entrepreneur newsletter. It’ll contain my “Time Leverage System for Real Estate Investors — The 7 Keys To Recapture Your Time So You Can Live Your Life”

So what is it that I totally disagree with about “The 4 hour Workweek”?

It’s unprofessional and crazy, but so many people are now doing it and are shooting themselves in the foot.

I want to put a stop to it…

So I’m going to reveal exactly what it is (and my solution to it) in the Automated Entrepreneur newsletter.

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