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Take this test to see if you’re a winner or a loser

If you think you’ve got the stomach for it, take this test:

Read the following “winner/loser” thinking list, and honestly state what your answer would be to each scenario.

This will bring to the surface what your current beliefs are about real estate investing and business in general.

If you get too many (or ANY) “loser” answers, don’t worry.

And don’t bother telling anyone.

(After all, it’s nobody else’s business.)

Just change your wicked ways by doing what the winner would do, and then watch the money roll in and the freedom roll out.

Let’s do it:

The loser says “I’ll listen to some random person I found in an online chat room offering their unsolicited advice and giving uninformed opinions, thereby projecting their biases onto others.”

The winner says “I’ll ignore all the noise from unproven people and focus only on one specific system from someone I trust.”

The loser says “I’ll just attract good things to me though thinking happy thoughts.”

The winner says “I have to go out there and do the work to actually make things happen.”

The loser says “I’d be rich if only I had a great unique idea that no one else has ever thought of before.”

The winner says “All the great ideas are already out there. What makes me rich is actually implementing one of them consistently.”

The loser says “I need more Facebook friends and Twitter followers.”

The winner says, “I need more actual sales and deals and I get that by doing real old-school marketing efforts.”

The loser says “I get upset and discouraged when things fall apart.”

The winner says “I get paid to tackle the never-ending challenges of life & business.”

The loser says “I won’t make a move until things are perfect.”

The winner says “Nothing is ever perfect, so NOW is the best time. It’s now or never.”

The loser says “There’re no motivated seller deals out there, because there’s too much competition.”

The winner says “There are always deals happening because life is always changing and creating more motivated sellers and situations that I can help people with.”

The loser says “I can’t start a business because it isn’t secure enough.”

The winner says “There’s no real security out there, so I’m better off at least being on my own and making it happen myself.”

The loser says “I’m afraid of talking to a seller on the phone, so I won’t actually send out any marketing therefore they won’t call and I won’t end up having to speak to them.”

The winner says “This may be scary, but the only way to learn is to face my fears and actually do it. There’s no better way to learn than by actually doing it.”

The loser says “I can’t afford that.”

The winner says “How can I afford that?”

Ok, enough.
Tally up your scores.

How many times have you thought like the loser?

Be honest.

Now go change what needs changing.

And then, get the specific advice and support you need to start flipping profitable real estate deals.

Ready to make it happen?

Get the help you need here:


Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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