Success is a capital sum reduced by expenditure?

Is success a capital sum reduced by expenditure?

Once you use up “your share”, it’s all gone?

Can you meet your lifetime allotment of success and then have no more?


I think that’s nonsense.

Success isn’t a zero sum game.

There is plenty of it to go around.

*IF* you focus on it and stick through the tough times long enough to actually get there.

Success isn’t for quitters.

It’s for fighters.

So fight for want you really want, simply because you really want it.

Life’s full of people who just quit.

But you can be different.

Who do you want to be like?

A. The quitter with nothing.


B. The fighter with the winner’s trophy of freedom, $$$, and control over their time.

The choice is yours.

And only YOURS.

Will you fight for your success?

Or quit and stay stuck?

It’s time to step-up,

* Separate yourself from the crowd,

* Filter out the noise,

* And take the bull by the horns — in both life AND business.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors