The #2 complaint

In my message the other day, I mentioned the #2 complaint that I hear is that people regret not starting sooner.

A few people emailed me asking what #1 is.

So I’ll tell you.

The #1 complaint I hear is that there just isn’t enough time.

Not enough time in the day to do everything that NEEDS to be done.

Not enough time in the day to do everything that one WANTS to get done.

I hear ya.

I used to have that problem too.

But I fixed it.

I call my solution “The Time Expander tm

And it’s become one of the most raved about frameworks at The Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp tm.

It adds more hours to your day.

And more days to your week.

Think of it as 25/8.

Rather than waste time, learn to make more of it here:

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Tom Zeeb
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