What I really think of “Shark Tank”

Everybody’s been talking about it…

But I’d never seen it. (I don’t watch much TV)

So I finally saw an episode of Shark Tank.


I thought most of the guests on the show were NUTS!


Because they were all willing to give away large chunks of their business just for a relatively small bit of cash.

I understand feeling like you need a cash infusion now, but if you sell the very soul of your business just to get it off the ground, then there may not be very much left for you when you finally do make it.

And you’ll have to suffer taking their advice on everything, which is likely to water down the goal and vision you are truly after.

Admittedly I’m biased, because I bootstrapped all my businesses from the ground up.

I didn’t give away giant chunks of equity to get cash to operate.

And I certainly didn’t bring partners in.

I used every extra penny from a temp job to get my start, and I put bigger expenses on a credit card that got paid off once I was successful.

Did it take me longer this way?


But now I am the sole beneficiary of all the results and profits that I produce today.

I don’t need to cut the pie up into so many pieces that I wind up eating only the crumbs of my own business.

Besides, not many people are willing to invest in a solo real estate investing business.

Maybe giving it all away to investors makes sense for some types of businesses, but there is no reason to do it for your real estate investing business.

I did it solely on my own.

And so can you.

Your spending at the beginning should be focused on your education and your marketing.

Everything else can wait.

Just get your phone ringing and your lead flow going.

That’s the key.

And you don’t need investors or partners to do that.

Keep it to yourself.

And keep focused on the goal and moving through the process.

Then your deals — and the spoils — will be all yours.

I’ve put everything that I use in my business into a system.

(It’s everything I wish I would have had when I got started.)

All the marketing templates to get your phone ringing, the negotiation strategies to convert the luke-warm leads into red-hot deals, and the legal contracts to get deals done.

I spent a small fortune on developing it all.

But you can get it all for a very reasonable price.

It’s called the Rapid Cash Generator, because that’s what it does.

It’ll get your business up and swimming fast (and you’ll be able to avoid the sharks and their nasty teeth).

Go get your copy here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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