Wandering like a lost hot air balloon

Some people impress you in different ways.

I simply find success impressive.

And if someone is truly successful, then they are worth learning from and emulating.

(If they aren’t successful, then why would you bother taking any advice at all from them?)

When I first met “The Queen of Rehab” Robyn Thompson I was impressed.

She knew her business inside out.

Had it all highly systematized.

And actually ran her business like a business.

Not something you see every day.

So I took notice.

In the years since I’ve gotten to know her better.

And I’m even MORE impressed.

She has a solid business mind and a DISCIPLINE and DRIVE that is unparalleled.

I have taken what I’ve learned from her and used it to grow my business in size, scope, deals, and most importantly, profits.

Someone approached me at a past event we did with her and asked me if she really had her own airplane or if it was just a bunch of hot air.

(I told him hot air would be for a hot air balloon, not an airplane, but he still seemed to miss the pun.)

I then pointed at the man sitting at the back table with us.

“He’s her personal pilot and he flew her up here in her own plane. Go ask him.”

He came back to me after chatting with her pilot and said, “Wow. I’m impressed. She must do good rehabs.”


Yes, she does.

But that’s not her only key to success.

It’s something more.

It’s her FOCUS.

She has no problem focusing on what needs to be done and then actually taking the steps to do it.

That’s her Midas touch.

Because FOCUS and DISCIPLINE are what most people lack.

They muck around worrying about everything else except what actually needs to be done. And then they wonder why they don’t achieve the same level of success.

Learn to focus like Robyn does and you can achieve her level of success too.

We’re hosting Robyn again this week for a terrific series of training events.

* You’ll learn all about rehabbing houses for a profit,
* You’ll learn how to replicate her buying machine for both rehabs and “keeper” rentals,
* You’ll learn her magic buying formula to ensure huge profits,
* You’ll learn about what it takes to succeed in business,
* You’ll learn her selling process to get top dollar,
* And the list goes on…

So come and let her Midas touch rub off on you too.

And I’ll mention the fabulous bonus package as well:

1. Attend on Thursday evening July 20th ( RSVP: https://TractionREIA.com/events/july2017 ) and you’ll get:
“21 Deadly Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make” Audio Training

2. Attend “Renovating Houses for Massive Profits” on Saturday July 22nd, and you’ll get 2 bonuses:
A. “The Best Properties to Flip vs Hold” Audio Training.
B. Robyn’s SKU list of the products, materials & finishes that she uses to get top-dollar for her properties

3. Attend “How to Build a Massive Passive Real Estate Portfolio” on Sunday July 23rd, and you’ll get 2 trainings:
A. “Baby Steps to Fnancial Independence” Audio Training
B. “Hire the Best and Fire the Rest” Audio Training

** Come both days, and you’ll get all.
(You can attend either day or both.)

Get all the details of the Sat/Sun Doubleheader training and lock in your seat here:
(seats are going fast, I’m not just saying that)

See you there!

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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