Rich Dad a Broke Dad?

One of Rich Dad author Robert Kiyosaki’s companies filed for bankruptcy protection last week.

The press is now loving hammering away at him.

Calling him a snake oil salesman, a charlatan, a trickster and a quack.

And they’ll happily make fun of everyone who believed in him in the process.

But I’ll actually defend him.

(I’m usually a contrarian, so it doesn’t bother me to take the heat and bet on the underdog…)

Admittedly, not everything he did was awesome.

His coaching program seems very lacking and I never meet anyone truly happy with it.

But his early books are awesome.

They got me started.

And countless others too.

How many people can say that? That they have actually impacted millions of lives for the better?

Certainly not the journalists hammering away on Kiyosaki. Journalists are basically just jealous, as they’ve never had that degree of impact. They all think they’re great war correspondents or the next Woodward and Bernstein who will take down a President, but so very few actually are.

And so very few will really have any memorable or lasting impact on this world.

But Kiyosaki has.

And that aggravates them.

His books and his message just connects with people.

It certainly did with me.

Before his books I didn’t know exactly what it was that bothered me. What it was that was making me unhappy. Then I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and he nailed it.

It awakened the entrepreneur within me.

It spoke to something that hadn’t properly been spoken to before.

And especially after Cashflow Quadrant, I snapped. I realized that I was an entrepreneur and that was the missing piece to my life. Then there was no turning back…

So yes, I owe Rich Dad a thank you. A BIG thank you.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if he hadn’t written his books and made me see things differently.

Perhaps that’s one reason why I enjoying mentoring so much. It gives me the opportunity to teach others what I’ve learned. To help them “snap” too, so that they take control of their lives — and live as large, and as well, as they’ve always known they could.

I do enjoy teaching the big picture and the mindset stuff, but I’ll also tell you that it isn’t enough.

That’s right amigo, you need to know the nuts-and-bolts details as well.

And that’s something certainly not in Kiyosaki’s books (or in many so-called guru books or courses).

But it is in my trainings.

I insist upon it, as I had always been frustrated starting out in the past when I needed to move beyond the basics. There just were so few good people to turn to.

So now I make sure to provide the best of both worlds. The overview and the details.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And that’s what I do in my real estate coaching program ( ), I teach you both the overall concepts and the specific details to go with each.

Then all you have to do is apply what you learn.

(Nope, it won’t grow legs and work on its own, you’ll need to actually apply consistent effort!)

No matter what level you are at, my real estate coaching will take you up a notch by creating clarity.

Because when you have clarity, you have freedom & choices. Therefore you’ll have control over your own life, your finances, and your time.

No more spinning your wheels, just get the clarity, confidence and tools you need to succeed.

In my real estate coaching program I’ll show you how to:
— Get the 1 extra deal that lets you quit your job or make 6-figures in the next 12 months
— Get clarity for your business so you have a lifestyle of freedom & choices.
— Have control over your own life, your finances, and your time.
— Get traction fast and know which steps to take and what to prioritize.

Other people just like you are using it to retire in 5 to 8 short years and you can, too.

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