Resenting my relaxed face

“Dude, your face is so relaxed!” he exclaimed.

I just calmly looked at him.

He said his business stresses him out and he constantly worries and feels the toll it is taking on his health and his family.

We openly shared the internal numbers of our businesses.

His gross income was about 2.4 times higher than mine.

But my bottom line profit was only about $200K lower than his.

His operation is a lot more complicated.

Mine is simple.

He focuses on doing everything under the sun.

I stick to only the types of deals I know best.

Sure, he can brag about having a bigger business.

But I have a better lifestyle.

He’s stressed out.

I’m chilled out.

Which do you want to be?

I teach my way of doing things.

A system for wholesaling properties that is simple, straightforward, and mostly stress-free. (There’s a bit of drama now and then, but it’s short-lived.)

That’s my Wholesaling: The Rapid Cash Generator system.

So easy.

So simple.

So… profitable.

I’m teaching a 1-day Masterclass on it this Sunday January 7th.

It can make the difference between having a business you love, or a business you grow to hate.

Relax your face here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors