Real estate myths that kill businesses

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about real estate “business myths”.

Mostly because I’m seeing them everywhere and they always get mindlessly regurgitated.

Which is a clear sign that the people regurgitating them have no actual experience, or have never tested anything they say. They are just mindlessly repeating something they read in a book or heard a ‘guru’ say at a seminar.

There are a lot of examples out there.

Here are a few such myths:

#1. Cashflow is the most important thing in a real estate deal.

#2. One deal can set you free for life
(the assumption being that this happens on your first deal).

#3. You should only think of the long-term value of a property when investing.

#4. Your social media presence will fuel all your marketing.
(This one always makes me laugh.)

#5. Being on the first page of Google matters
(there is SO much more to it than just that, and it doesn’t prove anything about you.)

#6. Because someone is licensed and tells you “no”, that they are actually correct.
(For example, brokers or agents claiming wholesaling can’t be done if you are a licensed agent, are either grossly misinformed or outright lying in most states.)

#7. Everyone should ___________ (fill in the blank).
(Like one size actually fits all people)

#8. You’ll be a millionaire by Monday just by magically using some software.

And the list goes on,
and on,
and on,
and on…

Anyway, all these myths are dangerous to your bottom line.

And — if you believe them – they are probably robbing you of deals. Deals that are going to someone else who is ignoring all those so-called “rules”.

Just something to think about.

Especially the next time you talk to a motivated seller and start to put a deal together.

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

P.S. — I don’t know if it’s something in the water or what — but I’ve been getting LOTS of questions lately about how to market properly (not just for motivated sellers, but also for building a buyers list and finding tenant-buyers).

Well, guess what?

Maybe there IS something in the water.

Because my Total Traction program is ALL about getting deals and selling them to the right type of buyer (regardless of where you live or what your background is).

Now, I can’t make any promises, of course.

But I will say this:

I’d be very surprised if anyone who follows my simple, structured, and step-by-step system didn’t walk away with several ideas they can implement right away and get their first deal.

A bold claim?

I suppose it is.

But I stand by every word.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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