Kicked in the teeth by nasty responses

Face the facts:

If you are marketing for motivated seller deals, you are going to get some nasty phone calls.

Really nasty.

Seems the jerkiest people of the world have a lot of time of their hands. (No surprise really…)

And they’ll spend that time calling you and complaining about being on your list and demanding to be taken off.

They’ll accuse you of contacting them illegally (is it illegal to send someone a postcard?)

They’ll accuse you of killing trees (really?)

And they’ll accuse you of invading their privacy (never mind that you got their info from public records).

It’s crazy.

They’ll actually take the time and the hassle to bother to call you and try to get removed from your list, rather than just throwing your postcard out and moving on with life.

Kind of sad really.

Makes no sense whatsoever.

But let’s put this in its proper perspective from your point of view.

For one thing, nasty callers are not the end of world (even if you feel beat-up from them).

They’re GOOD for you.

They prove your mailings are getting delivered and read.

They can save you money too, as you now have less people to spend a stamp on.

And they thicken your skin.

So harden up.

Put on your negativity armor.

And recognize that it’s all part of the business.

You have to put up with your share of negative respondents to get to the ones who have the gold.

If you let these negative cesspools beat you down and scare you off right at the beginning, then you’ll simply never succeed.

The enemy will have won.

And that’s a shame, because dealing with a few nasty callers is a small price to pay for the freedom, profits, and lifestyle that a successful real estate business can provide you.

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