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Stinking bishop

The British flock to the smell of rotten cheese.

Let me explain:

I’m back in the UK this week visiting friends and convening the UK members of a business mastermind group I’m part of.

On the train ride up from London yesterday an amusing scene occurred.

A passenger boarded with a small bag that reeked horribly.

But far from repulsing the other passengers, they started to crowd around excitedly.

They actually recognized the smell.

And found it not offensive…

But impressive.

You see, the rotten odor (or should I say “odour”) was actually from a very strong cheese.

“Stinking bishop” cheese to be exact.

Apparently it is rather quite famous here.

It’s odd.

It’s different.

It’s distinctive.

It stands out.

Which is why it is memorable, famous, and to be desired.

Just like your marketing should be.

Think about it.

Do you want to be plain and boring?

Do you want to just blend in?

Do you want to be nothing more than an interchangeable commodity indistinguishable from all the others?


Not. At. All.

That would be the kiss of death.

It’s simply not a recipe for marketing success in the real estate business (or any business for that matter).

You have to stand out.

Be distinctive.

And have a message that directly connects with you audience at a mental and emotional level.

Because at the end of the day, if you connect with what they really WANT and NEED, then you’ll position yourself as the only logical choice.

And that’s a great place to operate from.

Easier said than done?

Not once you get to know your market intimately.

Once you start marketing and start getting phone calls, then you need to pay attention to what people are telling you and how they are responding.

Then you take that data and tweak your marketing efforts based on the trends.

This is exactly what I do with the students in my real estate mentoring program.

We develop and refine their marketing message over time based on the feedback we receive.

That keeps response rate moving up.

And thus keeps more deals flowing our way.

More deals.

More profits.

More fun.

Fancy that!

Develop your own unique smell of success here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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