Lost in the mountains of…

Let me tell you a story about being confused and lost…

Every year I take a week off and go backpacking in the mountains of Idaho.

It’s delightfully remote, rugged, and breathtaking landscape.

And isolated.

We barely see another soul around.

So you have to rely on only yourself, and your advance planning.

The trail we chose for this particular trip wasn’t well travelled.

All we had to navigate by was just a written description of the route, and maps that were last updated in the 1950s.

The trouble started late one afternoon when we were at the point where 3 different maps connected in the corners, so it was hard to figure out what was actually around.

We had no landmarks to go by.

No other people passing by to ask if we were heading the right way.

We were out in the remote wilderness all on our own.

None of the paths we tried made any sense.

They all seemed to dead-end or they just didn’t add up to the description of what we were supposed to find.

As it was pushing sunset, we made camp to cook and sleep for the night.

We’ll never know exactly where we were that night.

On top of it all, the weather shifted and we woke up in the middle of the night getting pelted by chunks of hail.

Oh what fun…

At sunrise we just had to make an educated guess and go with it.

It would be 3 hours of hiking before we’d get to a place that would confirm our location.

And, if we were wrong, then the only choice really would be to turn back and go many hours back to our last known point.

The problem was that we were doing a straight line hike across an entire mountain range, we weren’t going in a circle back to where we started and back to the car.

In fact, we didn’t even have a car.

We got dropped off at the remote trailhead and had arranged pickup for a specific day and time on the other side of the mountain range.

So we had to get there.

There wasn’t a choice.

Forward was the only choice.

What’s this have to do with real estate investing?

It should be obvious.

Sometimes you are lost.

Clueless what to do.

And alone.

That breaks most people.

But it doesn’t have to break you.

If you rely on your training,

If your training was solid and complete,

And if you recognize that the only real option is to go forward,

Then you will achieve the result you are looking for in the end.

We finally came upon a distinctive rock formation that confirmed our location.

Our educated guess had been correct (thankfully).

And now it was only 2 days more to the end of the trail.

Instinct guided by experience had paid off.

Just like in business.

Profits don’t happen without practice.

And they don’t happen without training.

You have to learn the ins and the outs.

How to know the lay of the land and spot the opportunities.

I learned the outdoors from a friend who taught me from his experience.

I learned business from my coaches and mentors who taught me from their experience.

And I teach people how to generate rapid cash in real estate based on my experience.

On this Saturday May 3rd, I’m going to teach you how to generate rapid cash using techniques that I have mastered.

This knowledge will keep you safe.

Show you the way so you don’t get lost.

And allow you to profit handsomely.

It’s field training for real estate investors of all levels to build their skillsets.

You are going to focus on 3 key areas:

1. Marketing to find great deals,
2. Negotiation skills to turn luke-warm leads into red-hot deals,
3. How to manage it all effectively so that the deal stays alive and you get paid.

You need this training to not just survive, but to thrive.

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Tom Zeeb
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