Are Mafia fear tactics your thing?

Mafia tough guys always rule by fear.


Because it is a very strong emotion.

And it WORKS.

It keeps people from doing all sorts of things.

It can keep you from doing **stupid** things,
like not looking before you cross a busy road.

Or it can keep you from doing **smart** things,
like going off on your own to start a real estate investing business.

So its value really depends on what you are trying to achieve,
and how you choose to use it.

You can use it for good.

Or for bad.

The choice is yours.

Will FEAR be the best protection of all?

Or a roadblock to success?

Again, the choice is yours.

How do you make that choice?

By getting control over yourself.

By getting control over your internal game
(i.e. — the battle going on in your mind).

Using fear to stop, crush, and destroy may be the way of the mafia,
but it’s not good for the real estate investor.

In fact, it has quite the opposite effect.

Fear is paralyzing for a real estate investor.

It stops the forward motion needed to market for deals,

Makes you blow a negotiation,

And keeps you from pulling the trigger on getting a profitable contract signed.

All of which derail you from success.

And therefore keep you from your goals.

And that is what really should *scare* you, my friend.

Remember, success awaits you,

Like a book waiting to be opened and read page-by-page and word-by-word.

If only you didn’t fear yourself.

Guilty of this?

You can fix it.

Because it’s these little things of ours that hold us back.

Conquer them, and then you’ll finally move ahead.

So make yourself an offer you can’t refuse.

Traction REIA’s 3-day LIFEONAIRE event with Shaun McClocksy will show you how.

Clear your schedule and be there.

Full details here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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