Creepy dudes who stalk men at seminars

There are slimy monstrous people everywhere.

Even if you disinfect often, like unwanted insects, they keep showing up.

One form of these ogres are the dudes surreptitiously working the room at my Traction Real Estate Investors Association meetings.

You need to be on the lookout for these types, and then stay away when you find them.

How do you recognize them?

* They stay in the shadows (never at the front of the room).

* They prowl for newbies (so that their flawed ideas won’t be challenged).

* They try to sucker people into dubious deals.

* They claim to have credentials, yet they are never presented authoritatively from the front of the room.

* They lie about their experience.

* They lie about their ability to fund a deal.

* They ask you to fund a deal that doesn’t make any sense when you try to analyze it.

* They offer to train you, but they really are just tricking you into doing their busy work (at your expense).

* They always need to talk about details later once they are out of the meeting room.

* They promise you’ll be taken care of in “the future” if only you put your hard-earned funds or sweat-equity time into their dubious projects today.

* And the list goes on…

They’ll feed off of your desire to do deals, and claim partnering with them will get you there.

They’ll stop at nothing to try and fleece you out of your money and good credit.

And if you aren’t careful, you’ll wreck your good name and credit in the process.

One dude even sent provocatively dressed girls to try and pick off more victims for his slaughter.

And, while admittedly nice to look at, there was something very suspicious about them.

A few quick questions gave us all the answers we needed and they were escorted out (no pun intended) and told not to return.

Never a dull moment when dealing with lots of people!

But I take protecting my people very seriously.

I want a safe environment for our members and attendees.

So I screen all my speakers aggressively.

Keep an eye on any questionable attendees.

Set a high standard for the group via our Code of Ethics.

And keep an ear out for any suspicious behavior — and then shut it down the moment we get wind of it.

Because Traction is a family to me.

And I don’t want any rotten apples trying to spoil it for the rest of us.

So if I have to be the policeman every now and then, it’s okay.

It all comes with the responsibility of leadership.

Our next events are this Friday and Saturday.

I’ll keep the room free of creeps.

So join us:

1.  “It’s not what you make, but what you keep!” DC Power Lunch with Al Aiello
(Includes a 3-course lunch!)
Friday October 4th at NoPa Kitchen + Bar in-Washington DC.
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2.  “Total Wealth Protection For You and Your Family!” Full Day Training Event with Al Aiello
Saturday October 5th at the Westin Tysons Corner. Reserve Your Seat Now at:

Tom Zeeb
Traction REIA


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