Cool story Tom, now go make me a sandwich

A smart-aleck reader wrote to me saying:

“Yeah, cool story Tom, now go make me a sandwich.
Do you ever provide anything of value or do you just drone on with your sales pitch?”

Like a bad penny, this type of guy keeps showing up.

Always claiming that I do nothing but pitch.

Seems to be missing the value I put in each and every message.

(You can always unsubscribe if you aren’t seeing the value…)

So let’s do a quick review of my past few messages:

I no speaka de engleesh
(The tip: Don’t let panic overcome you, it simply isn’t helpful)

Stopping the gathering storm
(The tip: Deal with issues early when they are easily fixable, rather than
wait until you have a colossal mess on your hands)

Am I hypocritical?
(The tip: You need a coach to tell you the things that others won’t tell you.
The things that will propel you ahead but that you are otherwise blind to)

The slow boat to success
(The tip: Paddling harder in the short-term doesn’t work. Focus on your
long-term progress and know that you need to go the distance)

Burning down the forest for the trees
(The tip: A warning about being too wrapped up in everything else to focus
on the outcomes/goals that you really want to achieve)

Is entrepreneurship easy?
(The tip: Understand the work that it takes to get the deal. Appreciate and
accept the risks because that’s why everyone else is just sitting on the
sidelines and why they’ll be jealous and envious of you and your success)

Take refuge in good living
(The tip: Make the DAILY choice to be successful and to actually do what it
takes to maintain your success)

Bad travel companions
(The tip:  Choose a life of RISK and ADVENTURE instead of the ILLUSION
of comfort and security)

Best Way To Have Rock-Solid Health Insurance
(The tip: The benefit of not settling for a mediocre life in a mediocre job
just to have health insurance)

Does size matter?
(The tip: A tongue-in-cheek look at getting stuck in the PROCESS rather
than focusing on the OUTCOME — outcome is all that really matters)

Yup, looks like a lot of tips to me.

So go and make your own sandwich, hoss.

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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– David McGrady

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– Ryne Lambert

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– Godfrey De La Rosa

“I started implementing exactly what you said, used your contract, & signed the deal up!”
– Dominic Mason

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