Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”

A legendary line from Godfather 2.

But sorry Godfather, I respectfully disagree.

This can be misleading.

Because too many people think keeping their enemies (competitors) close means blatantly copying what they do.

NEVER blindly copy what your competitors do.

Because they may not actually be getting success from doing it.

Which means you won’t either.

You need to know their results to know if it is truly worthwhile.

For example, just because some real estate investor does TV ads, or radio, or a giant newspaper ad doesn’t mean you should be doing that too.

Sure, they *may* be getting results.

However their results would not be acceptable to you for your situation and your expectations.

It’s just like when people brag about how much moolah they make.

Some people just love to drone on about how much they raked in.

But you never hear about how much they actually KEEP.

Top-line income is very different from your bottom-line profits in a business.

If you tell me you bring in a million dollars a year, I’m not actually impressed.

Why not?

Because you might be spending $1.1 million to make that million.

So you’d actually be losing money, buddy.

But if you bring in $1 mil and spend only $100K to do it, then I am indeed impressed.

Bottom line?

The bottom-line is that your bottom-line is worth bragging about, but not your top-line.

Don’t get suckered into that trap.

Especially if you are just doing it to keep your enemies closer.

So skip the hype and learn the real estate flipping business the right way.

Otherwise you might get a visit from Luca Brasi.

Avoid sleeping with the fishes here:

Tom Zeeb
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