Pushing doctors around

Cutting her open? Wow! What happened? Is Carolina okay? Don’t leave out the details!

Thanks for asking.

Yes, she’s okay.

The parts they wanted to cut out of her were the tubes. (Yes, those tubes!)

But I persisted and they didn’t grab them.

It would have deprived us of being able to have more kids.

And now she’s pregnant again and due in March!

(How’s that for a ‘formal’ announcement?)

So it’s worth it to stand your ground,

Think through a process,

And know your game.

You are in charge of managing your health.

Not anybody else.

Just like you are in charge of managing your business.

Not anybody else.

Step up and take charge.

Yes, this is basically my business philosophy and skills applied to medicine.

It works for everything.

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Tom Zeeb
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