My pet-peeve about webinars

I have a pet peeve about webinars.

Specially about the replays.

I understand that not everyone could make the webinar live and that a replay is convenient.

So I had my “Wholesaling: 60 Days to Done!” webinar recorded last night and I’ll release the recording, BUT…

Only for a limited time.

Through Sunday May 13th to be exact.


Because otherwise people just file it away as a “to-do”, never watch it, and then nothing happens.

And that’s why they stay stuck.

It takes ACTION to make things happen.

So, yes, there’s a replay. But you need to watch it NOW as it’ll disappear after Sunday.

It’s for your own good! (and gets rid of my pet-peeve)

Watch here:

And yes, I’ll keep the offer valid thru Sunday as well. You can grab the offer here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors