Olympic athletes frustrated by high-pressure?

High-pressure or no-pressure.

Which do you work better under?

If you’re all tense and bunched-up because you let the pressure get to you, you won’t do as well as if you were just loose, limber, and athletically ready.

As I watch the Olympic athletes compete, I see many lessons that tie into business.

(Yup, I do see business lessons in pretty much everything…)

Just like an Olympian, if you let the pressure get to you, you’ll crack and not perform at your top level.

If you are desperate for a deal, you will drop the ball, or false-start, or just lose out to someone else.


Because motivated sellers can smell desperation.

Especially female sellers. (Yes fellas, they can smell it on you instinctively — and it stinks! The girls know what I mean…)

So don’t put yourself in a position to reek of desperation.

Even if you’re broke.

Even if you haven’t done your first deal.

Don’t smell like you’re desperate for a deal.

Not only will this repulse prospective motivated sellers from you,

But the pressure can make you crack.

And if you crack, then just like Humpty Dumpty, it’s going to take a lot to put you back together again.

So stabilize yourself and your finances.

Get the training you need so you have someone to turn to and a system to reply upon for accurate answers.

And just like with an Olympic athlete, that someone is a coach.

Remember, you’re in this for the long run and you need to be able to stay in it for the long run.

So be patient and do what you need to do to get started now.

And like an Olympic athlete, get started and keep at it.

Don’t quit for any reason.

Don’t choke.

Just take the pressure off by learning what it takes to succeed.

Do this by having a coach and system to push you to practice, practice, and practice.

Not pushed to the point of cracking, but pushed beyond what you can do on your own.

It’s a balancing act at times, but one you need to get right.

Are you ready to compete at an Olympic level?

Get your Gold Medal training here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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