Very cool training

Told to me the last time NoteSchool’s Joe Varnadore came to Traction REIA:

“Hey Tom, that was a very cool training Joe gave. I never thought about doing a ‘partial’ like that. Amazing!” — Doug B.

Yes indeed.

The “partial” technique is particularly eye-opening.

Not to mention massively profitable.

Especially as you use it to pay for your deal upfront.

Pure power.

Power that will accelerate your deal making and bottom-line.

So what exactly is a “partial”?

I’ll let Joe explain it at Traction REIA on Thursday. (And he’ll cover it again on Saturday.)

It just one of the many “a-ha” eye-opening moments that you’ll have at NoteSchool’s trainings this week.

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Then on Saturday March 17th attend NoteSchool’s “Gold in Notes” full day training workshop on Note Buying.

You’ll have your eyes opened to the power of “partials” and much more.

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See you there!

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors