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My Special Place

It took me a while to find.

Some other people told me it was actually there.

But could I find it on my own?

I had an idea where to look, but it wasn’t obvious.

Then finally I hit it.


And it was well worth the hunt.

There is nothing like the uniquely incredible shade of blue inside.


You just don’t find it anywhere else.

So I filmed it for you to enjoy.

Take a look…

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I invested in 2003 to 2004 in Newark NJ, but since I moved here in 2006 to Silver Spring Md, I do not know where to start from. I have sent letters to home owners in Montgomery county, but no reply. Some people say go to Baltimore, but that is far and I don’t know that area. Please how do I start, and where do I start ( which city or county).


Sign-up for a Free Strategy Session using the link above. Thanks.


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