My kind of town, Chicago is…

This Sunday (Aug 16th), I’m speaking at Chicago Creative Investors Association (CCIA).

If you are anywhere in the Chicago area, you should join us and learn my system for quickly making money without money in real estate.

Go here:

I’ll be teaching you how to:
1. Find the Deal
2. Make the Deal
3. Get Paid

When you attend, I’m going to teach you how to quickly generate income from flipping properties wholesale.

This is perfect for:
A. Anyone who needs extra cash,
B. Rehabbers or landlords who need to supplement their business income,
C. Beginners who need to get their feet wet with minimal risk,
D. People looking for a simple technique that gives them a great lifestyle.

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And if you live in the Washington DC area, I’m doing my special 1-day Rapid Cash Generator MasterClass on Saturday August 22nd.

Finish the summer strong.

Financially strong!

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors