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Mama said I should be an over-achiever

There’s only 1 day left…

If you make at least a $10 donation to my favorite charity “Homestretch”, then I’ll give you a PDF copy of my “7 Secrets to a $100,000+ Pay Raise” book.

What’s in the book and is it worth it?

Oh ye of little faith!

It’s well worth it.

After all, I put in my top concepts for jump-starting your business quickly.

I’ve mentored a lot of people over the years and you start see the patterns after a while.

So what I did in this book is boil it down to the essence of where people need Traction the most to get moving.

Follow the advice given and you’ll get focus on what it takes to get your real estate business (or any type of business for that matter) up-and-running on the road to healthy profits.

And there’s actually more than 7 Secrets.

I like to over-deliver (a good lesson in and of itself) and so there are actually more than 7 Secrets given to you.

Consider it an extra bonus.

Like the cherry on top.

And since this book has sold for as much as $79,

It’s well worth a small donation.

Hey, your donation is tax deductible too. A nice bonus again.

Here’s all you have to do:

Go to this link:


Donate at least $10.

Forward me the receipt they email you.

Do that and “7 Secrets to a $100,000+ Pay Raise” is yours to enjoy.

Remember that if you’re a government worker, you can donate through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) as well.


Obviously more than $10 is better, as they’ll put it to great use.

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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