Making 2018 a tiny bit above average year

Let’s take a different pill this time…

Normally people (myself often included), go nuts over the idea of making this “Your Best Year Ever!”

But one of my business coaches had me try something new.

And it has worked great.

My past year is proof in the pudding.

So I want you to try it now too.

As January draws to a close, let’s talk about where 2018 is heading for you.

Rather than get all hypey about your BIG GOALS and MASSIVE DREAMS, let’s play it at a different angle.

Let’s aim to make 2018 just a tiny bit above average year.



What if you just aim to be a bit better.

Won’t that be easier to achieve?

And won’t actually achieving something make you want to achieve more?

I bet it will.

And you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying this.

Take losing a few pounds, for instance…

If your goal is to drop 50 or 60 pounds, that’s great. But it’s also hard to do as you’re only focusing on the ultimate end.

What if you just focus on the first pound instead?

Then on the next.

And the next.

And the next.


Don’t you think that would work better?

And same for your real estate business.

We can get you to an extra $100K on your bottom-line.

But let’s start with just the first Grand and then take it from there.

With the massive performance pressure off you’ll be able to move ahead at a better pace.

A starting pace that will steadily increase as the early wins start to give you a taste of the success.

This is what my coach Dave had me do.

And it’s what I want you to do too.

Just try it.

I’ll give you all the tools and training you need in just 3 days at my Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp February 9 to 11.

It’s a simple starting pace.

And will stay with you to help your progress through the year, as we meet again in June and October. (And you don’t pay anything extra for the future trainings. Once you’re in, you’re in.)

Let’s start to make 2018 a tiny bit above average year here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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