Sewing shut the loose lips that sink ships

The tricky thing being on your own in business is that you don’t want someone just running off with your ideas, leads, etc.

Or yapping about your systems and just giving all that hard work to someone else.

Loose lips sink ships.

But sometimes we can’t keep it all a secret.

We simply have to open up to other people so we can advance our real estate businesses (or any business for that matter) beyond ourselves.

Like when discussing an idea with a potential employee, partner, investor, or contractor.

Or when outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant.

Or when wanting to speak raw and openly with an advisor.

Even if your trust level is high in any individual, it’s still always better to have the terms of your discussions and arrangements detailed out in writing and signed by all parties.

Look, I’m not a lawyer and never went to law school (nor have I ever played a lawyer on TV), but I’ve been in business long enough to know how things work in the real world, so I know to always have anyone I discuss business with sign a proper “Non-Disclosure Agreement”.

It’s a simple process.

IF you have a solid agreement for them to sign.

One that actually protects you.

And one that clearly defines the parameters of what’s cool and what’s not cool.

What’s that?

You don’t have such an agreement?

Well, let’s fix that quickly, shall we?

Until the end of today (Monday at Midnight) you can get the very Non-Disclosure legal agreement that I use. And you can get it for a price so low I ought to have my head examined.


Because it’s part of a special $20 bundle that I’ve been gabbing about pretty much non-stop all weekend.

Think of how pricey many legal documents are. (Not to mention a few hours of a good attorney’s time…)

And think of how pricey many real estate trainings are.

That’s why so much training and materials for just $20 bucks is a no-brainer.

Get my Non-Disclosure Agreement legal document along with a whole bunch of other good stuff here:

Here’s all of what’s included:

#1: The ‘lost’ recording of “Double your wholesale profits by avoiding the IRS ‘dealer drain'”. A terrific audio training I did with master tax strategist Al Aiello just before he passed away. (a $97 value)

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#4: A legal contract I use to protect my interests when dealing with any outsiders, advisors, virtual assistants, or consultants. (a $97 value)

All for only $20.

But this offer ends TONIGHT at midnight.

Get it here before it’s gone:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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