It’s the Marketing, Stupid

I’m not calling YOU “stupid”.

But with election season now in full swing, I’m reminded of that now classically infamous line from Slick Willy’s (aka President Bill Clinton) presidential campaign waaaay back in the 1990’s…

“It’s the economy, stupid!”

But I’ve put my own twist on it and made it:

“It’s the Marketing, stupid!”


Because every person I talk to — whether experienced pro or rank newbie — all have the same frustration: they simply don’t understand how to market correctly so that they get a consistent stream of leads that they can convert into profitable deals.

Face it, marketing is all that really matters.

Without it you have nothing.

No leads.

No deals.

No profits.

Doesn’t matter if you know every single aspect of the business, or can recite all the legal ins-and-outs in your sleep, or whip up an accurate repair estimate just from photographs — if you don’t learn how to find solid leads and convert them into deals, then you simply have nothing.




And that means you’re stuck.

And being stuck simply ain’t fun.

So until you get this right, you’ll have nothing.

Your marketing is indeed EVERYTHING.

Is it a big undertaking?

Yes and no.

Once you understand it you can tackle it like any other issue.

Then it is just a matter of actually implementing and sticking with it.

But you need to be focused in the right direction first.

Then you need to know not just what to do, but what to say to each group of potential sellers.

And you need to have your MESSAGE match the MARKET you decide to target.


I’ll shine the light of knowledge and understanding on it at this weekend’s Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp.

You’ll finally know what needs to be done and how to do it.

In addition to all my ready-to-use marketing templates that you’ll get in my 3-volume home study system that comes with the Bootcamp, I’ll also be giving you a series of Framework Worksheets that refine the process, set your goals, and make it simple.

Hey, just another great reason to attend.

(In my BIASED, but accurate, opinion.)

Last chance, because it starts TOMORROW, so Sign Up at:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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