Is draining the main vein authentic?

Yesterday we rapped about my Millennial student who just wants authenticity.

We’re in a world that keeps using the word, but seems to have a hard time not being fake about it.

Can you be fake “authentic”?

Case in point:
He sent me a link to a video where some self-proclaimed “guru” is filming a walkthrough of a property, and actually keeps filming in the bathroom while he… um… drains the main vein!

I guess that was his way of being authentic.

More like inappropriate.

But maybe I’m just too old school.

At least the camera angle was from the rear.
(yes, pun intended.)

Anyway, why tell you this?

Because I found it amusing. Sad, but amusing. Maybe you’re shaking your head too.

Let’s face it, there’s an enormous amount of training out there.

Some good.
Some not-so-good.
Some pathetically awful.

If you want solid training, at a good price, that teaches you the fundamentals of what it takes to be a real estate investor, be it a wholesaler, rehabber, or landlord, then I dare say you should check out my TOTAL TRACTION program.

It focuses on the main fundamentals: marketing, negotiation, contracts & control.

Because when you get those right, then everything else falls into place, no matter what exit strategy you are after now or in the future.

Yet so few programs seem to focus on these fundamentals, much less teach them right.

I’m obviously biased, so take this with a giant dollop of salt.

But I think you can do fantastic in my program if you think we’re a fit, and if — and only if — you are willing to do a bit of work to IMPLEMENT.

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