High notes and low notes

If You Think You Know Notes…

Think Again my friend.

The real estate Note Investing industry has always been looked upon as a small niche industry.

This notion was not without merit as it was engrained with seller financing and on the surface seemed rather confusing.

Most of the training available for the note business revolved around brokering seller financed notes.

That has all changed because:
Fundamental market conditions have made distressed paper MORE profitable than distressed property.

The 3 major components that have combined to make the Note business the hottest real estate investment play today are:

1) The number of toxic notes available
2) Trillions in idle cash searching anxiously for investment opportunity.
3) With the volatile drops in the stock market the past few weeks, real estate Note Buying is looking even GREATER now!

It’s good old supply and demand.

Simple as that.

That’s why this month’s Traction REIA events will feature Joe Varnadore from NoteSchool.

When you attend his presentation on Thursday March 15th, (and then the full-day training event on Sat March 17th) you will learn:

* How to Find the new “Shadow Inventory”

* How To Buy Non-Performing (Defaulted) Real Estate Notes For Pennies on the Dollar

* Why The Banks, HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Have Stopped Foreclosing on Low-Price-Band Properties (Value Less Than $125,000)

* What Happened To All of the REO and Short Sales

* How To Turn $100 in Your Roth IRA into $100,000 or More Tax Free

* Why the Note Business is the Hottest Topic in Real Estate Today

* How to get started in just days

* How to earn 10% commissions from seller financing without using any of your own money

* Why Real Estate Agents, investors, builders, property buyers and sellers are creating a strong demand for these services and how you can cash in by becoming the “go to” person

* How to make huge commission on commercial and other large notes

* How “anxious money” is changing the industry making your opportunities greater than ever before

* How to become a Note Buyer with as little as $100 dollars

* How to apply your current real estate knowledge and skills to make even greater profits with the note business

* And the list goes on…

“Rich Rewards in Notes: Why Every Real Estate Investor Must Learn Notes”
Thursday March 15th in Tysons Corner, VA
RSVP at:

And then on Saturday March 17th attend “Gold in Notes!” a Full Day Training Masterclass on Note Buying.

Get your seat now at:

See you there.

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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