I realized I was going to die

“I realized I was going to die” he told me.

This was a very frank and personal conversation I had with a recently successful entrepreneur over the weekend.

He continued:

I’ve always known I’d be happier on my own.

I’ve always felt the entrepreneurs’ streak inside.

I always just wanted to go and do it.

But I never did.

I froze.

Never took the plunge.

And chose “safety”.

When all that vanished because a ‘steady’ job isn’t really safe, I also realized something else…

That I would die someday.

And I might die never having tried to fulfill my dream of being independent.

Never having given it a go to build a business on my own.

Never proving to myself that I could actually do it and survive (and thrive) on my own without needing a J-O-B at a major company to shield and protect me.

I smiled, as I know the feeling.

Been there.

Done that.

Much happier for it.

It hits different people at different times in life.

For me it was after nearly drowning after being flung off a raft in a class 5 rapid in my mid-20’s.

For this guy, it sounded like a typical mid-life crisis in his mid-40’s.

But the action needed is clear no matter what your age.

And that action is:

Take action!

Make it happen.


Not sometime “in the future”.


Not when the time is “right”.


Tomorrow is not promised.

But you have today.

There is always an excuse.

Always a reason to delay.

But then more time just slips through your fingers.

And you end up frustrated at what could have been.

And you are no further ahead than you were yesterday.

Face it, you have to start sometime.

And you have to start somewhere.

Now is the time.

And my Rapid Cash Generation bootcamp is the place.

(Yes, I do take it that seriously.)

Take 3 days with me and learn how to build your own Rapid Cash Generator to flip houses for a profit.

It’s worth taking a day off and skipping work. Otherwise you’ll let the excuse “I have to work” perpetually stop you from achieving your goals.

The price is normally $3,000. I’m running a special price to celebrate my birthday so you can get in for only $1,997. (which includes unlimited future re-attendance and I do the event 3 times each year.)

No, it’s not free. But it doesn’t cost a life-savings either.

It’s actually a life saver.

(Yes, I do take it that seriously.)

Don’t have that much?

Put it on a credit card and pay over time. Or borrow the money.

If your kid was being ransomed, you’d find a way to get the money. Treat this as seriously.

(Yes, I do take it that seriously.)

Don’t die without living to the max and pursuing what you know you really want to be and do.

When will now finally be the time for you?

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