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I literally saved a life!

Who says my emails aren’t worth reading?

I literally saved a life with my emails.

Get this:

A reader wrote to me saying —

“Tom, thank you. You saved my life. I’ve been feeling a bit low lately, but I ignored it, as I just assumed I was just out of shape, as I’m not getting any younger. And I had that whole macho “I don’t need to ever see a doctor” mentality. Then you sent out a few messages that really hit home for me. About being a “man” rather than being “macho”. You got me thinking. So I decided to man-up and actually face my fears and see a doctor. And things weren’t great and I wound up having open-heart surgery! I’m glad I did, as I probably wouldn’t have made it through much of 2013 if I hadn’t. It was a surprise and a shock, but certainly well worth it. I thank you and my family thanks you. I would have written sooner but I’ve been busy! Sure you understand.”


And very glad to hear it.

My emails are well worth the read, aren’t they?

And motivation is a key element to any success.

Most people just need a leader.

Someone to nudge them along and show them the right path.

In health.

In life.

In business.

And once on that path, then they finally get clarity and finally advance towards their goals.

I obviously can’t guarantee that I will save your life, or even that you’ll make any money, but when you are given the tools to succeed, trained in the methods, and coaxed along the right path, it is amazing what you can actually do.

Once you have Traction, then you just need to follow the right path.

Start your journey here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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