How to outsmart a millionaire

Recently I saw this headline of an ad in an airline magazine:

“How to outsmart a millionaire”

The premise is flawed.

It isn’t about being smarter.

It’s about being more disciplined and focused.

That’s what people lack.

And that’s what stops them from achieving their dreams and goals.

People simply don’t focus on doing what it takes to actually become a millionaire.

Instead they let everything else get in the way:


Social media.

Personal issues.

Exhaustion after work.

Fear of failure.

(Fear of success too).

And the list goes on…

Thus they stay stuck where they are.

This isn’t true just for building a real estate business.

It’s the same problem for diet and weight loss.

Same for relationships.

And the same for building any type of business.

Lack of focus, commitment, and discipline is the problem.

Sorry babycakes, that’s the way it is.

When you focus and get disciplined, then you’ll finally get what you want.

Not before then.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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