How Do These Clowns Manage To Pick Up Any Properties?

One of my students wrote in with this:

“I got a phone call on my landline an hour ago. The caller identified himself as “Alex” but repeatedly declined to give his last name. He was calling, he said, to find out if I was interested in selling a property I own. I said sure (for the right price, of course.) I asked him who he was calling for. “A group of investors.” He refused to provide the name, keeping consistent with his refusal to provide his last name.

He then tried a very weak negotiation tactic, along the lines of “Would you accept less since it’s not listed with an agent?”

The call went on like that. He had questions–most of which were answered on the tax records that his investors had access to. I asked him for a contact phone number. He declined to provide one, saying I could use the one on caller ID. Problem is, he called on a landline that doesn’t display caller ID and if I’d tried it I would have reached an empty local number, not the number for his investors. He again refused to provide any contact information.

So my question is: How do these clowns find any properties? They fail to provide a caller name. A company name. A phone number. An email address. But maybe that’s good news for real investors. If these investors can get leads acting the way “Alex” did, then anyone should be able to.”

Yup, it does make you wonder, doesn’t it?

I find it endlessly amusing the horrendous marketing calls and postcards/letters that I get on the properties I own.

If they’ve been trained, I’d say it wasn’t the correct training.

But here’s the thing…

They probably aren’t doing great, and probably are spending lots of money for little results, BUT…

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

So they might get lucky every now and again simply because at least they are actually playing the game, even if not playing it very well.

There is something to be said for just actually doing something.
(and there’s a lesson in just that!)

I suppose it’s slightly better opposed to the tons of so-called investors just sitting on the sidelines hoping the random information they got for free on the internet will magically start producing for them.

But here’s the thing to learn & remember:
* Marketing takes effort.
* Marketing takes time.
* Marketing takes focus.
* Marketing takes a consistent budget (of time and/or money).
* Marketing takes the right message to the right type of people delivered at the right time.

Try to skimp out, and it won’t work.

Try to cut the timeframe short, and it won’t work.

It’s finicky like that.

So you need to remember the 3rd “accelerator” of marketing that I teach: “MULTIPLY”.

* That means multiplying your efforts.
* Repeating your efforts.
* And yes, sticking with your efforts even if the first few rounds don’t produce results.

The 1st & 2nd accelerators need to be done correctly too.

You can learn about them all in my best-selling book “How to Correctly Flip Houses for a Profit”.

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