Having the wrong model

Lately I’ve met many people who think having their own business “doesn’t work”.

They think that being on their own is far too overwhelming.

They are completely convinced that their narrow experience is the truth.

But that is NOT the case.

Independent business itself isn’t flawed.

It’s their *MODEL* that doesn’t work.

The fact they couldn’t get it off the ground doesn’t mean that no one at all can fly,

It was them and their model that didn’t fly.

The fact that they got overwhelmed and had no free time isn’t because having one’s own business requires this sacrifice,

It just means that their model was flawed and isn’t correct for what they are looking for and actually need.

It isn’t required to have employees, carry massive overhead costs, and have to manage the whole cash-eating alligator.

It is that type of model that is flawed. (People usually walk into this trap because they want to feel “big” or “important”.)

Yes, the model matters.

The model you choose will either launch you to success,

Or drown you in misery.

So it’s important to choose your model wisely.

Very wisely.

I have a model that I LOVE.


1. It is simple and straight-forward.

Because I don’t like complicated.

(Too many people hide behind complicated, and then wonder why they’re miserable.)

2. It requires NO EMPLOYEES.

I don’t care to deal with all the petty issues that come up along the road of having to deal with people thirsty for a ‘stable’ paycheck, how many hours they are (or aren’t) getting, and all the time wasted on water cooler chit-chat and rat-a-tat-tat.

Not my bag, so I happily skip it.

3. It is lean and mean.

Because I’d rather focus on the 20% of activities that actually get results, rather than the 80% that just create busy-work to overwhelm someone.

(That’s one of the biggest problems I see with other real estate mentoring programs — they give you busy work to make you “feel” like you’re making “progress”, but the busy work is actually pointless and unnecessary (like worrying about how many Twitter followers you have or how many “likes” a Facebook post received. Worthless!)

4. It puts me in complete control of my time, finances, and lifestyle.

Try getting that from a J-O-B or a business with too many moving parts or employee responsibilities.

‘Nuf said.

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Cover the grand plan.

And the specific details needed to bring to all together.

It’ll start you off on the right foot, or show you how to re-structure what you already have to massively improve it.

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Tom Zeeb
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