Go West Young Man

There are many benefits to disappearing from civilization.

Especially when you need to think something through.

With no distractions, no email, no cell phones, and no people, one can really spend time letting their brain focus in on a situation.

And specifically on the solutions needed for it.

I’ve had a lot on my mind recently.

Lots has changed, and lots of changes are coming down the pipe.

I know people are thinking about these changes, as they affect everyone.

And from all the people I meet at our monthly investing events, and the multiple Strategy Sessions I do every month, I know there is a fear of the future and an anxiety about how to best prepare for it, protect oneself and one’s family, and not just survive it, but to THRIVE during it.

So I disappeared into the mountains of Wyoming to brainstorm and prepare.

The result is this year’s Traction Event.  ( http://TractionEvent.com )

And just like the early pioneers who pushed West when most of America was unknown, we are again on a frontier.

The pioneers were fiercely independent people.

And to thrive going forward, you need to capture that very spirit of independence.

Join me high in the rugged mountains of Wyoming as I discuss how to Feed Your Independent Streak.

Go West Young Man

VIDEO:  http://TractionEvent.com/go-west-young-man

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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