George Bailey’s bridge jumping benefits

Since it’s Christmas, the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” is on all the time.

It actually has an odd bitter-sweet flavor to it.

Something I didn’t notice when I was younger, but has hit me more and more as I’ve gotten older.

Let me explain…

Jimmy Stewart plays George Baily, the unlikely hero who constantly gives up his own dreams in order to help others.

All he’s dreamt about and desired his entire life is to travel the world.

To go places.

To do things.

But he repeatedly sacrifices his own dreams to help others.

He lets his brother go to college, using the money that was set aside for himself.

His brother’s adventures make him a war hero, while George had to stay home on account of a bad ear.

Then his father dies and he takes over his dad’s old Savings & Loan rather than let Old Man Potter, the local banker and financial powerhouse of the town, take it over and ruin it.

Potter is your typical cold-hearted Scrooge.

He owns practically the entire town.

And doesn’t give a pretty penny to anyone.

George knows that without the S&L the townspeople have nowhere to go to get an affordable loan for a couple of decent rooms and a bath.

Only Potter’s slums.

So he starts building the prettiest little homes you ever saw.

But his own personal dreams continue to go unfulfilled.

He gets caught up in the day-to-day elements of life.

He never leaves his town.

He never travels the world.

He even gives up his own honeymoon when the financial crisis happens and uses the cash he has on hand for the trip to keep the old S&L running instead.

Basically every time he turns around his dreams get squashed.

Know the feeling?

To be passionate about something, but not be able to pursue it?

It made an impression on me growing up.

I like George Bailey, but I didn’t want to be trapped like him.

Perhaps that’s why I like to have my cake and eat it too.

Actually, it only took just a few smart tweaks.

One shouldn’t have to be ready to jump off a bridge to realize that it is indeed a wonderful life.

You just need to get Traction in what you are trying to accomplish.

And appreciate what you do have.

Especially your friends and family.

Anyway, that’s why it’s always been a favorite movie.

(That, and I’ve always had a crush on Donna Reed…)

So time to beat Old Man Potter.

Learn how at my upcoming 1-day MasterClass on Saturday January 7th.

Ring a bell and get your real estate angel wings here just in time for 2017:

Hot dog!

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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